Top-10 projects (in no particular order)

  • Human vs AI: A Comparison of Human and LLM Wikispeedia Strategy
    Xingyue Zhang, Kaede Johnson, Lorenzo Drudi, Ernesto Bocini, Hanwen Zhang
    Data story      Repository

  • Behind the Scenes of Stardom: Decoding the Patterns in Actors’ Careers
    Adrien Vannson, Valerie Costa, Jennifer Abou-Najm, Boughzala Mariem, Michael Ha
    Data story      Repository

  • The Beer Mood Matcher
    Yiw Liu, Nil Ilba, Victor Deblon, Yunlong Dong, Zimu Zhao
    Data story      Repository

  • Donald Trump’s influence during Covid: How bad can be the communication’s impact of a leader?
    Sabri Elamrani, Matteo Sansonetti, Pietro Mellorella, Etienne Chassaing, Michelangelo Dandrea
    Data story      Repository

  • Why didn’t your favorite movie get an Oscar?
    Enzo Palmisano, Jamil Maj, Mariella Daghfal, Antonin Faure, Baptiste Lecoeur
    Data story      Repository

  • Budget Battles: Maximizing Returns in Filmmaking Odyssey
    Diogo Valdiviesodamasiodacosta, Joanna Wolski, Charlotte Saillard, Tomas Valdiviesodamasiodacosta, Leo Hauser
    Data story      Repository

  • How Music Moves Movies
    Maelle Regnier, Anand Choudhary, Romain Defferrard, Stefanie Helfenstein, Samuel Darmon
    Data story      Repository

  • Modern Times: Rise of Technology in Cinema
    Orfeas Liossatos, Lena Desepibus, Olivia Ruggaber, Mohamed Benahmed, Oscar Hellmuller
    Data story      Repository

  • Bob’s journey to adminship: Exploring the world of Wikipedia Requests for Adminship
    Anne-Laure Tettoni, Robin Jaccard, Romain Berquet, Daniel Tavaresagostinho, Jeremy Didio
    Data story      Repository

  • Cheers to Change: Exploring Temporal and Spatial Dynamics in Beer Preferences
  • Cheers to Change: Exploring Temporal and Spatial Dynamics in Beer Preferences
    Iris Toye, Tugba Tumer, Yagiz Gencer, Rishi Sinha, Hadrien Sevel
    Data story      Repository

Other projects

  • Blue click, Red click : Decoding the matrix behind the political bias of Wikispeedia
    Jeremy Dahan, Matthieu Jacques, Viacheslav Bolotnikov, Adrien Joliat, Wassim Maj
    Data story      Repository

  • LookUp : Stars and why we know them
    Emeric Martin, Louise Font, Timo Achard, Romane Clerc, Julie Korber
    Data story      Repository

  • Analyzing User’s Choice of Countries in Pathfinding in Wikispeedia
    Antoine Hinary, Marc Nassif, Omar Shalby, Anthony Dawoud, Fouad Mahmoud
    Data story      Repository

  • Objectivity through the emotional lens: How does the sentiment of Wikispeedia articles affect player game paths?
    Arnaud Sandell, Brando Balloco, Minh Dinhtrong, Alexandre Misrahi, Renyi Yang
    Data story      Repository

  • Europe in Wikispeedia - Unmasking the Geographical Bias
    Juan Martincampos, Ruben Jungius, Pablo Menendezruizdeazua, Jason Becker, Jiri Pospisil
    Data story      Repository

  • A world full of clichés
    Tudor Oancea, Salya Diallo, Martin Leclercq, Philippe Servant, Anna Schmitt
    Data story      Repository

  • Ethnics inequalities within wikispeedia
    Philippine Laroche, Nils Manni, Alexis Firome, Mathis Ayma, Hugues Christophe
    Data story      Repository

  • ADAgency™: Precision Casting Through Data Insight
    Benjamin Aouzir, Thomas Lenges, Yaniss Augot, Ali Mekkiberrada, Foaleng Toussaintfoaleng
    Data story      Repository

  • Money Mov(i)es
    Mikolaj Boronski, Bojan Lazarevski, Stefan Krsteski, Matea Tashkovska, Wiam Khedif
    Data story      Repository

  • A Tale of Acting Careers
    Alexandre Vray, Killian Hinard, Simon Bruno, Remi Oddon, Joshua Cohen-Dumani
    Data story      Repository

  • Stanislas’ music dream : Road to Hollywood !
    Xavier Ogay, David Schroeter, Luca Carroz, Joris Monnet, Paulo Ribeirodecarvalho
    Data story      Repository

  • Frame by Frame: The Kaleidoscopic Evolution of Cinema Over the Decades
    Stefano Viel, Oriol Pascualangles, Michele Lupini, Max Sebrechts, Stefano Cubeddu
    Data story      Repository

  • Movie Exportation Success
    Gilles Dewaha-Baillonville, Elliot Jacquet-Francillon, Amaury George, Antoine Merel, Marc Pitteloud
    Data story      Repository

  • From Protests to Pixels: The Global Film Industry’s Reflections on the Biggest Movements and Events of the Last Century
    Gianna Biino, Sandra Frey, Celine Hirsch, Charlotte Daumal, Elia Mounier-Poulat
    Data story      Repository

  • Beyond the Bechdel Test: A New Era of Measuring Women’s Representation in Cinema
    Eren Saydar, Matthijs Scheerder, Mehmet Arseven, Tiago Goncalvesfreitas, Deniz Kasap
    Data story      Repository

  • Actors Representation: Actor’s Recognition, Gender and Ethnicity throughout history and time
    Andre Schakkal, Ali Elguindi, Peter Harmouch, Diego Vermeire, Nicolas Matekalo
    Data story      Repository

  • The Effect of Languages on Movies: The Multi-Faceted Story of a Single Parameter
    Minghui Li, Aybuke Calik, Filip Mikoviny, Eylul Ipci, Aral Arbatli
    Data story      Repository

  • Be(er)AGuide
    Andrea Sanchezlopez, Sandra Hernandezescobar, Juan Deslarzes, Antonello Debari, Cristina Loureiro
    Data story      Repository

  • The Beer Trip Agency (BTA).
    Niko Pindao, Max Carvalho, Nicolas Vuillod, Mae Rollin, Luan Dinarica
    Data story      Repository

  • Beer Quest - On Finding the “BOBO”
    Mathieu Charbonnier, Seif Hamed, Alessandro Fulciniti, Yung-Cheng Chiang, Emile Dorchies
    Data story      Repository

  • Bottles, Cans, or Drafts: Pouring Over the Data to Decode the Perfect Sip
    Anne-Valerie Preto, Tristan Carruzzo, Victor Dubien, Thamin Maurer, Agatha Hunter
    Data story      Repository

  • Unlocking the Palate: Evaluating Taste Consensus Among Beer Reviewers 🍺
    Mika Senghaas, Pierre Lardet, Peter Nutter, Christopher Bastin, Ludek Cizinsky
    Data story      Repository

  • Every Season is Beerable
    Theo Lacroix, Kamil Lahlou, Shujiro Shobayashi, Antoine Martin, Adrien Feillard
    Data story      Repository

  • Decoding Regional Preferences and Ratings
    Anthony Ducret, Swann Destouches, Mathieu Ziegler, Benjamin Harbich, Xingchen Li
    Data story      Repository

  • Evolution of beer preferences
    Amirsiavosh Bashardoust, Jan Frybes, Jules Ghozland, Ambroise Borbely
    Data story      Repository

  • Does size matter?
    Axel Beguelin, Tom Fahndrich, Leonardo Trentini, Gabriele Dangeli, Dong Chu
    Data story      Repository

  • Decoding YouTube’s Collaboration Web
    Mats Frydenberg, Jiacheng Yang, Szymon Blazucki, Lou Debel-Air, Selima Khabthani
    Data story      Repository

  • Community evolution on YouTube in Gaming
    Luca Mouchel, Marc-Antoine Allard, Adam Zinebi, Yubo Zhao, Paul Teiletche
    Data story      Repository

  • The recipe for a successful tech-review channel
    Zied Masmoudi, Salma Ed-Dahabi, Mohamed Idrissioudghiri, Jakhongir Saydaliev, Ali Essonni
    Data story      Repository

  • Is YouTube Riding the Mental Health Wave?
    Meichen Guo, Alessandro Durso, Liyu Zhang, Shaochen Bai, Alessio Desogus
    Data story      Repository

  • Climate change on YouTube: evolution, trends and influences
    Agatha Duzan, Maxime Poupet, Paul Boulenger, Nastasia Morel, Sebastien Chahoud
    Data story      Repository

  • No title present
    Pierre Hellich, Kamil Mellouk, Hamza Laarous, Cyril Khoneisser, Nguyen Martin
    Data story      Repository

  • No title present
    Aly Elbindary, Ellen Dagher, Kamal Nour, Nicolas Tselentis, Oussama Jaffal
    Data story      Repository

  • How Lockdown Affected Attention Towards Video Games
    Zhuofu Zhou, Yichen Liu, Kyan Achtari, Mehdi Abdallahi, Corentin Plumet
    Data story      Repository

  • Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Green Energy Transition
    Wenyu Liu, Shaotian Wu, Weiqi Chen, Shiyi Huang
    Data story      Repository

  • No title present
    Louis Brun, Clementine Naim, Hippolyte Croue-Maes, Karl Wik
    Data story      Repository

  • Analyzing the reflection of cultural values in Wikipedia pageview trends
    Paolo Cren, Rayan Fuleihan, Julien Burkhard, Shivang Sachar, Blanche Marion
    Data story      Repository

  • Wiki’s Wacky Covid News
    Tecla Bottinellimontandon, Cesar Donezmiranda, William Oh, Pablo Palle, Victor Pennacino
    Data story      Repository

  • Behind the screen: Unraveling the Dynamics of Star Power, Ethnicity, and Collaborative Influence in Film Success
    Paul Youssefmaroun, Serge Ohanesian, Assem Abouali, Adam Dandachi, Thomas Srour
    Data story      Repository

  • How do the roles of an actor influence their career?
    Marguerite Benoist, Yasmin Benrahhal, Elizaveta Kostenok, Hyeongdon Moon, Sara Anejjar
    Data story      Repository

  • Frames of success : Diving into the minds of movie wizards
    Clemence Mayaux, Chun-Tzu Chang, Sepehr Mousavi, Arthur Lamour, Romain Rochepeau
    Data story      Repository

  • And if we were in a time loop ?
    Cesar Camus-Emschwiller, Remi Desire, Nina Lahellec, Julien Drouet, Jules Pirot-Dedarassus
    Data story      Repository

  • The formula for a perfect movie
    Anthony Kalaydjian, Aymeric Dechillaz, Anton Balykov, Eric Saikali, Yara Sabbagha
    Data story      Repository

  • Box Office Breakdown: Unraveling the Secrets of Cinema’s Financial Success
    Marko Simic, Gilles-Henry Moreillon, Romain Pythoud, Dusan Cvijetic, Adam Benslama
    Data story      Repository

  • Shifting Scenes: A Deep Dive into Actors’ Movie Genre Selections
    Xi Lei, Jingbang Liu, Xingyu Pan, Tianhao Dai, Qiaochu Wang
    Data story      Repository

  • Movies in time
    Leo Sperber, Robin Patriarca, Florian Delavy, Albias Havolli, Haoyu Wen
    Data story      Repository

  • Diversity Impact on Movie Success
    Diana Bejan, Romain Peseux, Oceane Voland, Abdul Ali, Clement Samanos
    Data story      Repository

  • Most popular actor features VS users top-rated actor features: an ADAnalysis
    Kelan Solomon, Dimitri Jacquemont, Emeline Debalme, Armance Nouvel, Theo Houle
    Data story      Repository

  • Harmony on screen: Unraveling successful collaborations in the american movie industry
    Kaan Ucar, Adrien Vauthey, Keren Bensoussan, Julien Ars, Elias Naha
    Data story      Repository

  • Cinematic Archetypes: Decoding Societal Preferences
    Jiasheng Wan, Edvin Dannas, Margarita Sagitova, Naoki Sakai, Mikhail Seliugin
    Data story      Repository

  • Blockbusters actors: Analysis of the evolution of actors careers post-blockbuster in the film industry
    Yassine Abdennadher, Diego Celio, Abir Hammoumi, Raphaelle Hartwig, Xenia Titova
    Data story      Repository

  • CinemaScope - Lens on Gender Shifts
    Kenta Yokote, Zeynep Tandogan, Nazlican Turan, Berke Argin, Adam Barla
    Data story      Repository

  • Title to success
    Clarisse Pierre, Emilie Monnet, Alice Granboulan, Blanche Kerorgant, Aurele Baretje
    Data story      Repository

  • Cinematic Dynamics: Exploring Film Genres, Release Timing, and Success Factors
    Pierre-Hadrien Levieil, Jason Mina, Lea Bliniere, Salim Cherkaoui, Yanruiqi Yang
    Data story      Repository

  • Unveiling Character Dynamics: A Quantitative Exploration of Movie Narratives
    Mehdi Elbouari, Ke Li, Jiaming Jiang, Davide Romano, Yanzi Liu
    Data story      Repository

  • How Does Actor Fame Influence Movie Ratings ?
    Felix Rodriguezmoya, Tim Wiebelhaus, Emma Poggiolini, Tim Bachle, Marine Derocquignydufayel
    Data story      Repository

  • From Damsels to Dialogue: A Critical Examination of the Bechdel Test and Female Representation in Cinema
    Juliette Salles, Nicola Spoletini, Thibault Golaz, Zoe Marsaly, Anabelle Ayma
    Data story      Repository

  • Earth Legacy of the Silver Screen
    Jean Lefort, Pierre-Marie Esmenjaud, Paul Blossier, Guillaume Salha, Hugo Gerard
    Data story      Repository

  • From Alien Invasions to Global Pandemics: Exploring the Evolution of Film Themes in Response to Societal Fears
    Faye Delacretaz, Colin Hofmann, Octavio Profetamachon, Romain Bianchi, Clara Wetzel
    Data story      Repository

  • The Wizardry of Good Movies
    Amine Belghmi, Mathieu Ruch, Luc Harrison, Anas Hakim, Youssef Izellalen
    Data story      Repository

  • An Evolutionary View on The Making of Good Films
    Lina Berrayana, Zhe Xiong, Antoine Schutz, Xiyu Ren, Imane Zaaraoui
    Data story      Repository

  • Character names and their influence on baby names
    Linkai Dai, Daniel Demko, Luca Rosati, Maxime Theurillat, Thomas Delacroix
    Data story      Repository

  • Projet datacuisiniers : How to quantify the actors success ?
    Malo Olszewski, Pascal Nguyen, Nino Avetikovi, Anaelle Toure, Quentin Zoppis
    Data story      Repository

  • Cinematic Alchemy: Ingredients for Movie Magic
    Paul Mcintyre, Maxence Hofer, Joseph Fourment, Lucluigi Guyot, Benjamin Krieger
    Data story      Repository

  • Unveiling socio-political reflections in twentieth century movies
    Igor Jomaron, Maxime Chanson, Koami Gafan, Abderrahmane Ouldbay, Richard Chiu
    Data story      Repository

  • Representation of Arabs in Cinema Before and After September 11
    Alexei Ermochkine, M Cirillo, Filippo Brignolo, Mohammad Safazada, Yahya Hadi
    Data story      Repository

  • How does cinema view the world?
    Louis Duval, David Dinucu-Jianu, Tanguy Declety, Ivan Makarov, Stefan Creasta
    Data story      Repository

  • From Book to Movie : an analysis of book adaptation to the cinema industry
    Lucas Coudevylle, Romain Gauthier, Justin Marichal, Nils Fleischmann, Mirco Pesentibucella
    Data story      Repository

  • Studying the evolution of gender in movies across the world: roles given to women and public perception
    Amelie Rajon, Coline Maille, Anna-Rose Gryspeert, Elisa Billard, Jeanne Allocio
    Data story      Repository

  • Charting a path to cinematic success
    Justine Bourgeot, Chlea Schiff, Flore Munier-Jolain, Leon Muller, Lola Bardel
    Data story      Repository

  • Cinematic Connections: Unraveling the Influence of Actor Networks on Movie Success
    Majda Mechti, Julien Burri, Louis Valteau, Nathan Monnet
    Data story      Repository

  • Lights, Camera, ADA! Barbenheimer in Action
    Emi Myzeqari, Marin Bonnassies, Thomas Blanchard, Andrew Salem, Sophie Krenbock
    Data story      Repository

  • Analysis of fictional worlds through movie summaries
    Cyrill Strassburg, Giulia Dohy, Raphael Aubrun, Geza Soldati, Juan Martinezbenedetti
    Data story      Repository

  • Romance movies: The recipe that goes straight to the heart
    Laetitia Schwitter, Robinson Cung, Sophie Strebel, Florence Crozat, Eva Cramatte
    Data story      Repository

  • Will the real pivotal movie please stand up?
    Arthur Chansel, Paul Rebour, Mehdi Abarro, David Lacour, Manuel Zemp
    Data story      Repository

  • Drivers of Box Office Success Across Movie Categories
    Alp Ozalp, Lucie Ben-Amor, Tuomas Paakkonen, Maxim Oppitz, Alexander Schaller
    Data story      Repository

  • Shifting Roles: Decoding Hollywood’s Career Evolution
    Lucas Riou, Erwann Debelloydesaint-Lienard, Romain Trouf, Ben Kriesel, Augustin Desombre
    Data story      Repository

  • Exploring the Evolution of Female Characters in Cinema Across Different Eras with the CMU Movie Summary Corpus
    Ariane Augustoni, Heling Shi, Caroline Vonmering, Shu Yang, Irem Sekeroglu
    Data story      Repository

  • Unraveling the connections between actors and characters in movies
    Guillaume Boye, Luca Delabarre, Syrine Noamen, Fares Karray, Michael Zhang
    Data story      Repository

  • Diversity in Cinema: The Influence of Diverse Casting on a Film’s Performance
    Louis Marchand, Youssef Belghmi, Ilias Merigh, Hamza Morchid, David Fontesjunqueira
    Data story      Repository

  • Hollywood Unveiled: Rewriting Women’s Stories on the Silver Screen
    Anabel Salazardorado, Maximilian Wettstein, Victoria Rivet, Julian Bar, Lucille Niederhauser
    Data story      Repository

  • ✨✨Through the Lens of Time ✨✨
    Fernando Meireles, Mya Jamallahjouji, Xiaocheng Zhang, Ines Kahlaoui, Berta Cespedessarrias
    Data story      Repository

  • How to achieve glory and success as a filmmaker
    Antoine Goupildebouille, Benoit Gallois, Aline Janvier, Valentin Parisot, Mathieu Faure
    Data story      Repository

  • From Red Carpets to Revenue Streams: Understanding the Dynamics of Film Accolades, Commerce, and Cultural Influence
    German Gavrilenko, Daniil Likhobaba, Hans Kvaerum, Semen Matrenok, Arundhati Balasubramaniam
    Data story      Repository

  • Explosive Narratives: Terrorism through the Cinematic Lens
    Aicha Masmoudi, Sarra Chaabane, Antoine Tissot-Favre, Ahmad Kakar, Lina Bousbina
    Data story      Repository

  • Maximizing Box-Office Revenue and Rankings: Crafting the Perfect Movie Formula
    Sofie Larsen, Mathias Moller, Emma Bottern, Kavus Latifiyaghin, Gustav Skov
    Data story      Repository

  • Cheat sheet for a perfect movie
    Victoria Arduini, Camille Valat, Anna Yildiran, Asama Hayder, Ilyaas Shousha, Lorenzo Frisch
    Data story      Repository

  • Decoding the DNA of our characters on the silver screen
    Timothy Mann, Ananda Wolz, Chloe Voirol, Matthis Lugnier, Izabella Pomykalska
    Data story      Repository

  • Beyond Originals: A Deep Dive into Sequel Success
    Antoine Moix, Elisa Bianchi, Yosr Jelassi, Quang Ngo, Lena Loye
    Data story      Repository

  • Movies that could have met a different success
    Rami Atassi, Oussama Gabouj, Ahmed Benhajhmida, Garik Sahakyan, Jiewei Li
    Data story      Repository

  • Gender Roles in Cinema: An Ongoing Evolution
    Aristotelis Dimitriou, Maria Peponi, Alexandre Benahmedkontouli, Stavros Papaiakovou, Juliette Dutheil
    Data story      Repository

  • Hack IMDb rating
    Ali Mrad, Yanis Seddik, Mohamed Charfi, Aziz Laadhar, Nikolay Mikhalev
    Data story      Repository

  • Sunscreen to Screen Time: A Cinema Forecast
    Luis Serranodevilhenafreiredandrade, Alex Richaume, Katherine Lu, Jose Demattamourosrfonsecadeoliveira, Mohammed Kerraz
    [ Data story](No link, refer to HTML files in the branch “pages”.)      Repository

  • Creative breakthroughs occur, when worlds collide
    Valentin Peyron, Paul-Bogdan Jurcut, Quentin Esteban, Jan Kokla, Thai Hoang
    Data story      Repository

  • Are women in movies clickbait?
    Aymeric Bacuet, Francois Dumoncel-Kessler, Kenji Tetard, Lena Vogel, Nael Dillenbourg
    Data story      Repository

  • Analyzing player strategies in the Wikispeedia game
    Laurent Brock, David Revaz, Cyril Achard, Yves Paychere, Mathilde Morelli
    Data story      Repository

  • The Man and the Machines
    Nicolas Perezzambrano, Daniele Belfiore, Carolina Maruganrubio, Carlos Colladocapell, Sophea Bonne
    Data story      Repository

  • Success or Failure? A comparative analysis of finished and unfinished Wikispeedia games
    Juan Garciagiraldo, Arda Civelekoglu, Luca Sbicego, Matteo Santelmo, Antonio Mari
    Data story      Repository

  • Navigating the Maze of Mind: Analyzing Player Behavior and Cognitive Patterns in the Wikispeedia Game 🧠
    Salim Boussofara, Leila Aissa, Aymane Lamyaghri, Abdessalam Derouich, Veronika Calati
    Data story      Repository

  • Wiki-Wandering: A tale of luck or skill?
    Sara Dhina, Marie Hirschy, Zhan Zhang, Matthew Morvan, Enes Demirtas
    Data story      Repository

  • Exploring Ethnic/Racial Bias in Wikipedia using the Wikispeedia Dataset
    Colin Smyth, Blanche Duron, Tim Arni, Francisco Morales, Zaineb Tafasca
    Data story      Repository

  • The Road to Adminship: A Guide for Aspiring Wikipedia Administrators
    Murielle Iradukunda, Liandro Dasilvamonteiro, Christian Doimo, Yasmine Sakas, Akram Elbouanani
    Data story      Repository

  • Exploring Influence in Wikipedia Requests for Adminship
    David Bekri, Gaelle Verdon, Jean-Daniel Rouveyrol, Emma Boehly, Alexandre Maillard
    Data story      Repository

  • 🍻 Crafting the NLP-Augmented beer rating system
    Julien Jeandroz, Tanguy Desjardin, Tanguy Cedoz, Maxime Lelievre, Charles Cantenot
    Data story      Repository

  • Global Brews, Local Views: Analyzing Cross-Country Beer Preferences and Challenging Reviewer Bias
    Parsa Khorasani, Konstantin Weindel, Nina Egli, Christopher Williams, Eymeric Boyer
    Data story      Repository

  • Cheers to Latitude; A Journey Through Climate and Beer Preferences
    Marin Bricq, Emilie Jemmi, Meline Cretegny, Alban Puech, Barbara Degroot
    Data story      Repository

  • Beers Across the Atlantic: Decoding Beer Preferences in North America and Europe
    Angela Meshkova, Youssef Kammoun, Julien Leuenberger, Lionel Safar, Damien Genoud
    Data story      Repository

  • Crafting a Personalized Beer Landscape: Analyzing User Preferences and Naming Impact for Guiding Targeted Recommendation
    Zhixun Chen, Xinyi Ding, Yihan Wang, Siyuan Cheng
    Data story      Repository

  • Brew to success 🍻
    Alexander Odermatt, Tim Brunner, Ajkuna Seipi, Dana Kalaaji, Cyril Golaz
    Data story      Repository

  • Brewmageddon: How IPAs Took Over the Beeriverse
    Adrien Sizaret, Margot Chapot, Thomas Castaldi, Thibaut Hasle, Gaspard Oudinot
    Data story      Repository

  • 🍺 A journey into expertise
    Fabio Palmisano, Vincent Roh, Yannis Laaroussi, Alexi Semiz, Vincent Roduit
    Data story      Repository

  • Do you know what who you’re drinking?
    Matthew Meyer, Clara Tavernier, Kajetan Rozej, Konstantinos Spinakis, Anis Hassan
    Data story      Repository