Beers Across the Atlantic

Decoding Beer Preferences in North America and Europe

Data sources
Naive analysis
Beer styles
Time evolution

Beers Across the Atlantic


Beer :beer: the World’s Most Beloved Drink

It is accepted worldwide that beer is the “most beloved drink”, but who is leading the competition?

We would say Europe and North America are the biggest beer consumers among all continents.

But again, do Americans and Europeans drink the same beer types, or is there a beer attribute that makes a difference between these two big consumer groups?

Let’s investigate the beer preferences across the Atlantic!


Using a large dataset, which provides beer ratings and reviews on beers from people all around the world, we will investigate the difference in beer preferences across Americans and Europeans, and try to find the reason behind it! Embracing 14 different beer styles, which differ in characteristics as ABV, we expect to find interesting results.

We suspect that cultural dissimilarities among these two groups might lead to different inclinations when it comes to alcohol concentration in beers. Moreover, we will inspect the correlation of beer type with this inclination and we will deep into the evolution of the beer preferences between 2000 and 2017, hoping to find differences between America and Europe.