Beers Across the Atlantic

Decoding Beer Preferences in North America and Europe

Data sources
Naive analysis
Beer styles
Time evolution


To summarise our findings:

We reflected on the differences between Europe and North America of ABV with regards to different beer styles, seasons and over time as a whole. It’s fascinating to see how cultural and seasonal factors can shape our choices in beer, with people across the Atlantic showing a preference for stronger beers during the cold months as well as taking a likening into Oktoberfest style beers each October. On the other hand we observed some differences regarding overall preferences, while Europeans seem to like basic beers such as Pale Lagers, Americans rather prefer stronger, more refined beers such as Indian Pale Ale’s or stouts more than Europeans do. This reflects in an overall higher ABV average consumption on the west side of the mid atlantic ridge. The seasonality is also affected by this disparity. Styles like IPA show significant seasonal contribution in America because it is far more popular there than in Europe, even though it does not show a high amplitude regarding a seasonal mode.

From 2000 to 2017, we’ve observed a notable trend in both regions: a steady increase in the popularity of higher ABV beers in both regions, where the main difference seems the aforementioned overall increased ABV in North America.

And after all the analysis we can finish our current investigation with CHEERS!