Beers Across the Atlantic

Decoding Beer Preferences in North America and Europe

Data sources
Naive analysis
Beer styles
Time evolution

Naive Analysis

We start by doing a simple analysis to see if there are some obvious differences between the two continents. Moving straightforward to our research question!

Do Americans prefer beers with higher alcohol content (ABV) than Europeans?

“Preference” can be a vague term, so let’s try to look at the most common way of knowing if something is well liked or not: ratings! We first investigate the average rating that Europeans and North American users give for each (rounded) ABV:

Average ABV


Because preference in beer may not only determined by the ratings, we now take a look at the difference in consumption between North America and Europe. More precisely, we will look at the distribution of the ABV in the ratings coming from North America and Europe.

Count beers with certain ABV


Now, we could argue that even “beer” can be quite vague: what about all the different styles ? Now a question naturally arises:

Could there be a correlation between the preferences and specific beer styles known for higher ABV?

Let’s investigate: Beer Styles