How can I attend lectures and lab sessions?

ADA will be run as a hybrid offline/online course: Lectures (Wed 8:15-10:00) will take place in the Rolex Forum. One third of students will be allowed to attend in person. Additionally, the lectures will be live-streamed on Zoom, as well as recorded and made available here on the course website. Lab sessions (Fri 13:15-15:00) will be held online only.

Lecture recordings will be posted in the website every Thursday (the day after the lecture) EOD!

For details on how to connect via Zoom, please refer to the communication guidelines!

Tutorials on Github

Homeworks on Github


Lecture schedule [recordings]

Week Lecture Date Lecture Lab Session
1 16 Sep 2020 Intro [slides] Intro to tools [project intro] [lab sessions intro] [projects video] [git basics video]
2 23 Sep 2020 Handling data [slides] Handling data [github]
3 30 Sep 2020 Visualizing data [slides] Data viz and data from the web [DataVizard exercise] [Web scraping slides] [Web scraping notebook] [Web scraping video]
4 07 Oct 2020 Describing data [slides] Describing data [github] + HW1 office hours
5 14 Oct 2020 Regression analysis [slides] Regression analysis [github] + HW1 office hours
6 21 Oct 2020 Observational studies [slides] Observational studies [github]
7 28 Oct 2020 Supervised learning [slides] Supervised learning + Project office hours [github]
8 04 Nov 2020 Applied ML [slides] Applied ML + Project office hours [github]
9 11 Nov 2020 Unsupervised learning [slides] Unsupervised learning + HW2 office hours [github]
10 18 Nov 2020 Handling text [slides] Handling text + HW2 office hours [github]
11 25 Nov 2020 Handling text [slides] Handling text + Project office hours [github]
12 02 Dec 2020 Handling networks [slides] Handling networks + Project office hours [github]
13 09 Dec 2020 Scaling up [slides] Scaling up + Project office hours [github] [recording]
14 16 Dec 2020 ADA in action [slides] Invited talks + Project office hours [recording]

Important Dates

  • Homework
  • Project deliverables
    • Project Milestone P0
      • Due: 02 Oct 2020
    • Project Milestone P1
      • Due: 23 Oct 2020
    • Project Milestone P2
      • Due: 06 Nov 2020
    • Project Milestone P3
      • Due: 27 Nov 2020
    • Project Milestone P4
      • Due: 18 Dec 2020
    • P4 video submission
      • Due: 23 Dec 2020
  • Final exam: 12 Jan 2021 (8:15-11:15)

All deadlines are 23:59 CET

The main channel for class-related communication is Zulip. For best practices regarding course-related communication, please read the communication guidelines.

Zulip server:


Teaching assistants (TAs; PhD students)

  • Akhil Arora
  • Anastasiia Kucherenko
  • Daniyar Chumbalov
  • Ekaterina Svikhnushina
  • Halima Schede
  • Kristina Gligorić
  • Lars Klein
  • Manoel Horta Ribeiro
  • Tiziano Piccardi
  • Valentin Hartmann

Student assistants (SAs; MS students)

  • Davit Martirosyan
  • Germain Zouein
  • Jonathan Labhard
  • Kuan Tung
  • Oliver Cloux
  • Pablo Cañas Castellanos
  • Stefano Huber
  • Sylvain Lugeon
  • Yann Bouquet
  • Yann Yasser Haddad



The first edition of ADA took place in Fall 2016, created and taught by Michele Catasta. Over the years, the class has evolved from the starting point of that first edition, and a significant chunk of the material is still based on Michele’s original version. I am deeply obliged to Michele for laying this foundation.