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Lecture schedule

Week Lecture Date Lecture                       Lab Session                                  
1 2019-09-19 Intro Intro to tools [Slides] [GitHub repo]
2 2019-09-26 Handling data Pandas [Slides] [GitHub repo]
3 2019-10-03 V for variety Web scraping [Slides] [GitHub repo]
4 2019-10-10 Visualization Visualization [GitHub repo]
5 2019-10-17 Read the stats carefully Project Intro [Slides]
HW-1 Post-mortem [Slides] [GitHub repo]
6 2019-10-24 Supervised learning Quiz-1
Invited talk: François Helg (Privately.eu)
7 2019-10-31 Applied ML Good Coding Practices [GitHub repo]
Scaling up [Slides] [Colab] [GitHub repo]
8 2019-11-07 Scaling up Invited talk: Claudiu Musat (Swisscom)
Applied ML [GitHub repo]
9 2019-11-14 Unsupervised learning Data Stories [Slides]
Homework-2 Office Hours
10 2019-11-21 Handling text HW-2 Post-mortem [GitHub repo]
Project Office Hours
11 2019-11-28 Handling text Quiz-2
Handling text [GitHub repo]
12 2019-12-05 Handling graphs Handling graphs [GitHub repo]
Project Office Hours
13 2019-12-12 Observational studies Quiz-3
Project Office Hours
14 2019-12-19 ADA in action How to Make a Good Poster
Project Office Hours

Important Dates

  • Homework
    • Homework-1
      • Release: Thursday, October 3
      • Due: Wednesday, October 16
    • Homework-2
      • Release: Thursday, November 7
      • Due: Wednesday, November 20
  • Quiz (held in Friday lab sessions)
    • Quiz-1: Friday, October 25
    • Quiz-2: Friday, November 29
    • Quiz-3: Friday, December 13
  • Project deliverables
    • Milestone-1 (Proposal): Monday, October 28
    • Milestone-2 (Progress update): Monday, November 25
    • Milestone-3 (Final report): Friday, December 20
    • Poster session: Monday, January 20
  • Final exam
    • Tuesday, January 14, 2020; 8:15-11:15

All deadlines are 23:59 (11:59 PM)


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Mattermost server: https://icmattermost.epfl.ch/cs-401-2019


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