Here we explain what information can be accessed where, how we will communicate what with you, and how we expect you to communicate with us.


The course website is the main hub to reach all lecture-related materials. From the website, we link to lecture slides, tutorials, homework assignments, and homework submission links. Here we also share the schedule for the course and other important information.


To keep our communication efficient, we use Mattermost as the main channel for communication. It is mandatory to sign up, as we send important announcements here. Here is a list of guidelines on how to use Mattermost in an appropriate way:

  • First things first, make sure to install the desktop and mobile versions to get notifications.
  • Questions to assistants should be asked using Mattermost. We don’t provide answers via email.
    • In general, questions are posted in dedicated channels (e.g., homework1, projects, tutorials, etc.). This way, the other students can also become aware of the questions (and answers).
      • Join all public channels. Set your full name in the account settings and add a picture, so that the others can recognize you!
      • Before posting a question, it is important to check if it has already been answered.
      • Ideally, use a hashtag when starting a new thread to make the navigation across topics within a channel easier. For example, if your question is about whether you are expected to do a regularization or not, you can add #regularization when asking the question in the appropriate channel.
    • Alternatively, questions can be sent as private messages, but this should be done only for questions that aren’t of general interest; otherwise, use public channels.
    • Generic channels (such as Town Square and Random) are an informal place for discussion among students. The teaching team will not answer questions there.
  • The team will share important information using the ~Announcements~ channel. This read-only channel is reserved for important updates.
  • We will also sometimes pin important posts in a channel. You can see them by clicking on the pin icon in the top right corner: Pinned posts
  • The use of Mattermost for communication within teams and communication with students in general is encouraged. By keeping all your ADA-related communication on Mattermost, things will be easier for everyone. Exchange information and help each other out!
  • When replying, always use the “reply” functionality. This way, what belongs together stays together: Reply
  • Be organized and use the communication platform early, well ahead of the deadline. The assistants will not provide answers during the final 24 hours before the deadline.
  • Avoid using @all or @channel. This will trigger a notification being sent to over 300 people.
  • Final note: Please keep the communication respectful, even when the semester is in full swing and the going gets tough. :)


We use GitHub as the main platform to share tutorials, homework assignments, and the final exam. Similarly, students use our GitHub organization to submit their homework and exam solutions and their projects.

The GitHub repository will be updated with fresh content as the semester progresses. The links to new released content are always published on the website. Similarly, on the website we share the link that is used by students to create assignment solutions. Stay tuned!

Google Slides

Lecture slides will be available in Google Slides format. They will be linked from the website.

Google Forms

We will occasionally send forms to collect information such as team names or to gather feedback on exercises. We also use Google Forms to collect peer reviews. The links to these forms will be shared in lecture slides and on the ~Announcements~ channel on Mattermost.


We use Moodle only for completing the quizzes and accessing the results of the quizzes. No other information related to the course will be on Moodle.