Top-10 projects (in no particular order)

  • Let’s Make it Pope-litical!
    tagADA team
    Melissa Faggella, Estelle Renard-Dausset, Luca Musumeci, Paul Moreau
    Data story      Repository

  • MeToo, a catalyst for change?
    Amaelle Bidet, Louis-Dardaye Drame, Joseph Abboud, Paul Keller
    Data story      Repository

  • Hotwords around the world
    Rocketship Squad
    Ruben Burdin, Nicholas Sperrygrandhomme, Julia Majkowska, Fabrizio Forte
    Data story      Repository

  • How can we dynamically visualize the relationships between people by analyzing their quotes?
    Martin Dahl, Stefan Igescu, Donggyun Park, Julien Adda
    Data story      Repository

  • Sensitivity evolution on climate change from English news articles between 2015 and early 2020
    Belen Gomezgarcia, Blanche Berneron, Veniamin Veselovsky, Sandra Sierravega
    Data story      Repository

  • Analyzing US Politicians Lexical Level
    spaghetti carbonADA
    Roberto Minini, Arturo Cerasi, Francesco Borg, Roberto Ceraolo
    Data story      Repository

  • What Do Parties Talk About? Political Parties’ Interests Seen Through Quotes
    Mihai David, Ana-Arina Raileanu, Ioan Nitu, Umer Hasan
    Data story      Repository

  • Modeling Speaker Networks: A relational graph from Quotebank
    Salim Benchelabi, Geoffray Marie, Lucas Guirardel, Ahmed Emam
    Data story      Repository

  • The Elon effect
    Fredrik Haegermark, Ferdinand Ytteborg, Salima Jaoua, Adham Elwakil
    Data story      Repository

  • Do US politicians care about climate change?
    Filip Carevic, Edvin Maid, Radenko Pejic, Natalija Mitic
    Data story      Repository

Other projects

  • The emergence of climate awareness
    Bastien Wermeille, Cecile Chavane, Theophile Paturle, Marguerite Fauroux
    Data story      Repository

  • Please Act ! (Politicians Lie Everytime About Subjects on the Environment, Acknowledge Climate Transformation !)
    Sandy Duruz, Elsa Musy, Adam Chellaoui, Arthur Gardon
    Data story      Repository

  • Women’s voices before and after #MeToo
    Lisa Fournier, Josephine Potdevin, Jeannette Gommendy, Julie Mohbat
    Data story      Repository

  • The US VS China Trade War
    Antoine Escoyez, Marcel Morancalderon, Rhita Mamou, Mohamed Allouch
    Data story      Repository

  • ADA made me famous!
    Elodie Adam, Pauline Eyraud, Manon Bouzereau, Oihana Piquet
    Data story      Repository

  • A hierarchical study of American newspaper quotes and speaker characteristics.
    Data diggers
    Sebastien Jeanfavre, Manon Boissat, Teo Goddet, Michael Tasev
    Data story      Repository

  • An analysis of the american political scene from a mediatic point of view
    Fix it
    L Rossi, Diogo Sousasoares, Goncalo Cavacogomes
    Data story      Repository

  • The (under)talked problem of Climate Change
    Zoran Kascelan, Maxence Bertringer, Jonatan Bonjour, Jovana Segrt
    Data story      Repository

  • Population’s Attitudes Towards Trump
    Huan Yang, Siyi Wang, Sijia Du, Jinyi Xian
    Data story      Repository

  • Exploratory analysis of the use of informal language in English speaking newspapers
    Alexandre Bugnard, Marin Piguet, Nicola Santacroce, Jules Gros-Daillon
    Data story      Repository

  • A Short Story of the Long Road to Brexit
    Gaelle Abiyounes, Jean Naftalski, Arnaud Guibbert, Raffaele Ancarola
    Data story      Repository

  • Can Quotations of Politicians Indicate Election Results?
    Zihan Wu, Yichen Wang, Yinhao Wang, Yihang Chen
    Data story      Repository

  • The use of women’s rights and gender equality rhetoric in the US
    Amina Matt, Younes Moussaif, Valerian Mange, Galann Pennec
    Data story      Repository

  • Climate Change: Where Do Politicians Stand?
    Data Miners
    Yinghui Jiang, Jingqi Liu, Yu Zhou, Maocheng Xu
    Data story      Repository

  • Asian hate: an American (Horror) story?
    Anne Bissay, Zied Mustapha, Kepler Warrington-Arroyo, Francesca Trifoni
    Data story      Repository

  • Quote Me If You Can
    Ivan Korovkin, Mohamed Anougmar, Konstantin Sopov, David Khatanassian
    Data story      Repository

  • The dictatorship of consortia on the media they own
    Jonas Blanc, Antoine Masanet, Hugo Lanfranchi, Marin Nguyen
    Data story      Repository

  • Elon Musk’s statements move tesla’s stock price
    Hafsa Aoutir, Fatima Lissaneeddine, Mahdi Ihdeme, Leo Matikainen
    Data story      Repository

  • Who does really care about climate change?
    Philippine Descourtils, Alix Louvet, Stella Petronio, Blanche Brognart
    Data story      Repository

  • Political Popularity and Media Coverage
    Raphael Bonatti, Antoine Crettenand, Saad Charkaoui, Simon Spangenberg
    Data story      Repository

  • Can differences in self-confidence between men and women be observed from what we say?
    Florette Grenet, Maeva Kameni, Naomi Iizuka, Alexy Mann
    Data story      Repository

  • Data-driven Democracy
    Anastasiia Filippova, Aleksandr Samoilenko, Arsenii Gavrilenko
    Data story      Repository

  • Recreating history from newspaper quotes
    Ester Simkova, Ioannis Mavrothalassitis, Lucas Brunschwig, Axelle Piguet
    Data story      Repository

  • Firearms Debate in the US and its Relation to Mass Shootings
    Margaux Leplattenier, Thomas Defauw, Clement Rio, Zewei Xu
    Data story      Repository

  • Donald Trump’s favorite topics
    Data wrestlers
    Felicie Giraud-Sauveur, Thomas Berkane, Eliot Walt, Yazid Makmani
    Data story      Repository

  • Influence of politics in sport media
    Maxime Dulon, Etienne Mordret, Nicolas Raulin, Francesca Nicoletti
    Data story      Repository

  • Tracking opinions on EU referendum through data
    Kamil Czerniak, Alvaro Bautistameras, Alicia Soriagomez, Victor Gonzalezgonzalez
    Data story      Repository

  • The AI Politologist
    Gioele Monopoli, Nicolas Baldwin, Michael Roust, Mauro Leidi
    Data story      Repository

  • “Influence network” hidden in Quotebank
    Pandas & Brown Bears
    Yuxiao Li, Yuhan Bi, Irina Serenko, Anastasia Popkova
    Data story      Repository

  • The eternal debate of the gun culture in the USA
    Theo Patron, Servane Lunven, Estelle Chabanel, Arthur Dietrich
    Data story      Repository

  • Opinions in quotes and Mark Zuckerberg success : do they relate
    Alessio Verardo, Florian Constantin, Robin Plumey, Cyrille Pittet
    Data story      Repository

  • The American Political Landscape : Polarization between the Left and Right-wing
    Louay Najar, Aya Rahmoun, Mortadha Abderrahim, Abdeslam Guessous
    Data story      Repository

  • Origins of Opinions and Their Influences
    Antoine Bachmann, Tikhon Parshikov
    Data story      Repository

  • Use of Quotebank to analyse evolution of Gay Rights in the USA from 2015 to 2020
    Naomie Pont, Meghan Harrington, Alexiane Guerry, Elsa Mauguin
    Data story      Repository

  • Use language markers to analyze the relationship between depression and seasons or international events
    BBear or not BBear
    Han-Yun Jhang, Si Lai, Hongyu Gu, Cheng-Hua Huang
    Data story      Repository

  • Influence of Natural Disasters on Climate Change Discussion
    Data Alchemy
    Peng Ren, Colin Majoor, Gil Tinde
    Data story      Repository

  • Properties of communities in news outlets in Quotebank
    Improvise, ADApt, Overcome
    Julian Blackwell, Luca Bataillard, Sylvain Kuchen, Erwan Serandour
    Data story      Repository

  • Cinema: Is there a gender gap?
    Ines Gagey, Celine Vanini, Maud Tupin, Benoit Meylan
    Data story      Repository

  • Mind the (gender) gap
    Andre Charnecaduarte, Tomas Soaresdecarvalhofeith, Cao Nguyen, Medya Tekesmizrakli
    Data story      Repository

  • Natural disasters through quotes
    OLAR | Marietan-Ghariani-Bracone-Karimi
    Omid Karimi, Luca Bracone, Ahmedamine Ghariani, Raphael Marietan
    Data story      Repository

  • Bitcoin in Quote: Evolution of Bitcoin Topics and Sentimental Influence on Bitcoin Price
    Guanqun Liu, Hanyuan Hu, Yixuan Xu, Xianjie Dai
    Data story      Repository

  • Determining the political orientation of the New York Times newspaper through quotes analysis
    Alice Albrecht, Laura Testa-Moullet, Quentin Deschamps, Alice Juanico
    Data story      Repository

  • News source quoting style
    ¿I did ADA did I?
    Iris Kremer, Theo Nass, Quentin Devaud, Jocelyn Philippe
    Data story      Repository

  • You are what you say: can a bunch of words tell what your political view is?
    Dixit Sabharwal, Elia Fantini, Maciej Styczen, Camillo Desabbata
    Data story      Repository

  • Women representaion in the Medias
    Adata scientists
    Prunelle Letang-Mathieu, Roxane Pangaud, Pablo Ruizdevelascofernandez, Odile Andres
    Data story      Repository

  • Investigating the correlation between the news and Bitcoin’s historical data
    Data killers
    Taha Zakariya, Mohamed Elmoutaouakil, Trung-Dung Hoang, Omar Raita
    Data story      Repository

  • Which events have pushed the climate debate forward in recent history ?
    Charles Beauville, Nicolas Marbot, Cyril Vallez, Adrien Jalouneix
    Data story      Repository

  • !#$@: An obscene journey through quotations in media
    Marko Culjak, Daniel Hinjosgarcia, Dewmini Marakkalage, Mauro Staver
    Data story      Repository

  • Do words have (our) characters?
    Andrija Kolic, Yiren Cao, Mahammad Ismayilzada, Rohith Jayakumarasarma
    Data story      Repository

  • Analysis of gender representation in UK’s leading newspapers
    Moritz Waldleben, Marie Knopfel, Paloma Cito, Lorena Egger
    Data story      Repository

  • Social context influence on views on climate change
    Salazar gang
    Gloria Pittet, Laurent Gurtler, Marwan Haioun, Jeremy Goumaz
    Data story      Repository

  • British Bulletin Bias: revealing the hidden agenda of UK’s fourth estate
    Johanna Frost, Anton Kuusela, Tove Thunborg, Arthur Deleu
    Data story      Repository

  • The Newspaper you read, your political seed
    Marc Mettler, Francois Charroin, Sinda Msaada, Manuela Goulartmaia
    Data story      Repository

  • How are people connected?
    ADT (Applied Data Tourists)
    Stella Roux, Adrien Argento, Clement Dauvilliers, Andras Balint
    Data story      Repository

  • A (not so) Random Walk Down Wall Street
    Club 6 Analysis
    Haakon Doessland, Olav Forland, Fridtjof Flaate, Nikolai Jensen
    Data story      Repository

  • Quotations: China from a western perspective.
    Jozef Coldenhoff, Yurui Zhu, Bonan Sun, Rui Huang
    Data story      Repository

  • Recent trends in gender issues in a global context : seeking for contrasted opinions
    William Astier, Nicolas Jimenez, Benoit Delecourt, Arina Lozhkina
    Data story      Repository

  • This is a Man’s word
    Mateusz Urbanczyk, Caterina Calisti, Sofia Leonova, Victor Amiot
    Data story      Repository

  • Understanding news polarization
    Stefan Rotarus, Aleksander Boruch-Gruszecki, Giacomo Orsi, Vittorio Rossi
    Data story      Repository

  • Predicting Box-Office Receipts from the Main Film Crew’s quotes
    Pierre Gimalac, Alexis Goujon, Yiming Li, Christos Fragkos
    Data story      Repository

  • Who has a voice in the media?
    Eliott Zemour, Per Hansson, Matheus Vieirabernat, Thomas Benchetrit
    Data story      Repository

  • The burst of Brexit bubble
    Shanci Li, Kang Fu, Runke Zhou, Wanting Li
    Data story      Repository

  • ADA - Project
    The Data Collectivists
    Camil Hamdane, Nathan Fiorellino, Nathan Girard, Clementine Levy-Fidel
    Data story      Repository

  • Detect profile of the speaker based on deep learning
    Sofia Blinova, Ekaterina Trimbach, Pawel Mlyniec, Wei Shi
    Data story      Repository

  • Studying social sentiments of people from different work fields over time using quotes
    Xavier Jeanmonod, Loic Signer, Maxime Fellrath, Jonathan Haymoz
    Data story      Repository

  • Polarization around climate change: Is it growing as fast as the polar circle is shrinking?
    ADADA sur mon bidet
    Antoine Magron, Lucas Trognon, Harold Benoit, Paul Juillard
    Data story      Repository

  • Underrepresentation of females in media: a myth or a truth?
    Lisa Laurent, Selene Ledain, Lavinia Schlyter, Arthur Waeber
    Data story      Repository

  • How green is the media?
    Comic SANS
    Ansgar Wiechert, Santiago Gallegorestrepo, Stephan Selim, Nearchos Potamitis
    Data story      Repository

  • U_Cite: American politician network inferred from public quotations
    Date a Data
    Thomas Castiglione, Irvin Merozambrano, Chuanfang Ning, Guoyuan Liu
    Data story      Repository

  • An Investigation of the Mood in the Media Across Time and Subsamples
    Benjamin Rike, Asbjorn Nisi, Sigurd Johanson, Marcus Henriksboe
    Data story      Repository

  • DataShot
    Elie Graham, Lorenzo Germini, Justin Manson, Thibaud Martin
    Data story      Repository

  • Hashing out the crypto talk
    Narek Alvandian, Amine Tourki, Maksim Zubkov, Emna Tourki
    Data story      Repository

  • What’s trending in News? A study on the bias of “viral” news
    Tushar Goel, Luca Barras, Anmol Prasad, Jun Qing
    Data story      Repository

  • Do People With Different Ideologies Speak Differently?
    the internationADAs
    Paolo Celada, Yasmine Karoui, Maximilian Pfleger, Lorenzo Taschin
    Data story      Repository

  • Feminism in the media: from coverage to practice
    Seifallah Benmustaphahanfi, Leonard Pasi, Sophie Ducouedicdekergoualer, Mihaela Berezantev
    Data story      Repository

  • Are random fluctuations of the stock market really random?
    Simon Reding, Federica Padovano, Luca Zampierin, Francesco Bollero
    Data story      Repository

  • Recreating the Political Spectrum with Quotebank
    ALAN = Advanced Language ALANysis
    Ali Benabdallah, Francesco Salvi, Jiri Lhotka, Cornelius Vandenheuvel
    Data story      Repository

  • A deep dive into the mediatic place of climate change
    avada kedavra
    Alicia Milloz, Virginie Garnier, Maria Guerraoui, Anissa Hammi
    Data story      Repository

  • Increasing the chances of your speech to go viral: an interrogation on what helps catch the attention of modern day fickle newsreaders
    Cool Group Name
    Andrea Oliveri, Celina Chkroun, Mattia Lazzaroni, Kaourintin Tamine
    Data story      Repository

  • Don’t neglect, let rainbow shining!
    Yifeng Chen, Guosheng Feng, Aibin Yu, Duo Xu
    Data story      Repository

  • Is the Greta effect fake news? An analysis of the public debate on climate change
    Hannah Casey, Cezary Januszek, Hugo Casademont, Alexandre Reisdematos
    Data story      Repository

  • Evolution in time of the perception of events by social groups. Case studies.
    Les Quatres Neurones
    Arthur Brousse, Bastien Golomer, Benjamin Louis, Tatiana Cogne
    Data story      Repository

  • Understanding Vegetarianism and Veganism Through the Media
    Alexandre Tkatch, Klavdiia Naumova, Milos Vujasinovic, Romain Wiorowski
    Data story      Repository

  • Tell me a few words and I will tell you who you are
    Yi Ju, Raphael Destriau, Karim Samaha, Oskar Hallstrom
    Data story      Repository

  • How structure of a sentence influences its popularity
    Sublinear Lime
    Andrei Khozhenetc, Kevin Faustini, Alexandra Kovrigina, Maxime Laval
    Data story      Repository

  • Influence of the Media on Apple Stock Market
    The Panda Riders
    Camille Frayssinhes, Raphael Attias, Baptiste Hernette, Gaspard Villa
    Data story      Repository

  • How much does the political scenario change from one country to another?
    Simon Martin, Andreas Wohnig, Giovanni Monea, Alexis Rodrigueznunez
    Data story      Repository

  • Black Lives Matter: How has the movement impacted the world?
    Hugo Witz, Clara Ledraoulec, Paula Rescala, Danae Papadopoulos
    Data story      Repository

  • The evolution of the presence of women’s voices in the media
    Lucie Castella, Amaia Soubelet, Lilian Hammerli, Gabriel Juri
    Data story      Repository

  • Women’s Underrepresentation in the news quotations
    Xiaotian Su, Xiaoyu Chen, Xinyu Zhou, Siyi Liu
    Data story      Repository

  • Ideological split on political issues in US congress
    Nina Burgdorfer, Badr Larhdir, Ahmed Zouaoui, Felicia Zhang
    Data story      Repository

  • Natural disasters in quotes
    Batuhan Derinbay, Frano Rajic, Hilda Horvath, Lovro Nuic
    Data story      Repository

  • Detection and analysis of major topics addressed by US politicians
    Jana Vuckovic, Gojko Cutura, Vuk Vukovic, Milos Novakovic
    Data story      Repository

  • FEMEDIA - Analyzing female representation in English-speaking written media
    NASA FlatPat
    Patricia Brandl, Salome Puntener, Natasa Krco, Vladimir Fayt
    Data story      Repository

  • Trump vs Clinton: the 2016 Presidential election through their own words
    Leonard Karsunky, Dean Rauschenbusch, Auguste Baum, Francis Murray
    Data story      Repository

  • A study of quote similarity among politicians
    Sunshine Analytica
    Kalle Bjurek, Lucas Braz, Clement Nicolle, Pierre-Alain Durand
    Data story      Repository

  • Brexit under the lens
    top spot
    Haoyu Sheng, Mahdi Benhassen, Zineb Agnaou, Jingrong Chen
    Data story      Repository

  • How favourable are countries to the USA?
    Young Boys
    Nicolas Kirsch, Saleh Baghersalimi, Jonathan Reymond, Alireza Amirshahi
    Data story      Repository

  • Movement’s Catalysts
    ADA Lunatics
    William Verstraeten, Mathias Nuris-Souquet, Gasser Elbanna, Milo Imbeni
    Data story      Repository

  • A COMMUNICATION CRISIS ? Inequalities in media representation through quotes
    Fanny Strasser, Kseniia Shevchenko, Justine Stoll, Filippo Salmina
    Data story      Repository

  • Republicans vs Democrats
    Daryna Bilodid, Andreas Plesner, Rene De-Champs, Olivier Grognuz
    Data story      Repository

  • Movies
    Albert Jacobsen, Felix Burmester, Benedek Harsanyi, Julian Schnitzler
    Data story      Repository

  • Recognition and severity of issues asymmetries
    Henrik Myhre, Jurriaan Schuring, Oliver Welinodeback, Andrea Perozziello
    Data story      Repository

  • Study on gender bias centered around the theme of the articles and occupation of the speakers
    Rapid Lemons
    Danae Broustail, Yingxuan Duan, Matthieu Masouye
    Data story      Repository

  • Analysis of speech behaviours between genders
    Clement Chaffard, Assia Ouanaya, Fannie Kerff, Coralie Grobel
    Data story      Repository

  • ViveLesGC: How controversial and objective are today’s news websites?
    Paul Habert, Arthur Chuat, Yannick Neypatraiky, Fadel Seydou
    Data story      Repository

  • “He” and “She”: The improvement of gender equality from the perspective of spoken languages
    Zhipeng Mao, Yuxing Yao, Yueqing Shen, Junzhe Tang
    Data story      Repository