Quizzes are an important individual grading item of the course (15% of the overall course grade!). Most importantly, they allow you to stay up-to-date with the lectures on a weekly basis.

Question format

  • Each quiz will have up to 10 questions
  • Questions will be multiple choice. You will be able to distinguish questions that have only one correct option (radio button) from the ones that have multiple correct options or possibly none (checkbox). The latter will also be marked with “Check all that apply” in the question statement
  • The content of the quiz in week n will always be related to the lecture from week n-1


  • Each correct option is worth the same portion of the total points awarded by the question
  • Each incorrect option “cancels” one correct option, i.e. each incorrect option subtracts the same percentage as one correct option
  • If you end up earning less than zero on a question, you will be awarded zero points for that question For example: if you have a question with 4 choices, 3 of which are correct, each one of the correct options will be worth 33%. Incorrect option will be worth -33%. If you end up marking only the incorrect option, you will get 0%.

The quizzes are worth 15% of the total course grade. The two worst quizzes won’t count for the final grade. As a consequence, up to two quizzes in which you don’t participate won’t count.


The quiz will be held from 13:00 to 13:30 every Friday on Moodle and you will have 10 minutes to solve it. At 13:30 the quiz ends and even if you started later than 13:20 your time will still be up, so please be punctual. After the quiz ends, you will be able to see your grade and the correct answers to the questions. After you finish the quiz, you can join the exercise session on Zoom as usual. There is no need to come to the Zoom session before finishing the quiz as the questions about it won’t be answered.